Powell River Academy of Music

On-Camera Acting Summer Camp
with Paloma Kwiatkowski

July 8th - 11th from 9:30AM to 3:00PM
Ages 12-17

Fee: $200


In this 4 day summer camp intensive, students will delve into script analysis, learn on-camera staging techniques, and workshop and film an “audition” scene. Learn how to be in the moment and create believable, grounded performances. Each day will consist of warm-up games, acting exercises, and building on scene study knowledge. Open to all levels and experiences.

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Paloma Kwiatkowski
Professional actor

Paloma is an award winning actor with 12+ years of professional film/tv experience. She’s worked as the lead in several feature films, short films, and has appeared in recurring and guest star roles in over a dozen television programs. In addition to her on-set experience, Paloma has taught classes for kids and youth at Vancouver Acting School and Shoreline Studios. Having recently moved to Powell River, Paloma is excited to share her passion and expertise with the community and help kids explore the world of acting in a fun and safe space.

For further information, please contact the Academy
Tel.: +1 604 485 9633; e-mail: info@powellriveracademy.org