Powell River Academy of Music
Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Winners

Sixteen young musicians perform for scholarships at the annual Powell River Academy of Music Scholarship Competition January 28, 2017

The Powell River Academy of Music holds an annual scholarship competition for students 18 and under at the Academy. The scholarship money is generously donated by patrons and teachers. The scholarships assist students in their future studies.

The Academy congratulates all the students for their excellent performances.

Piano performers included Cheyenne Choo, Misia Choo, Gabriel Dickson, Sophie Ferguson, Aaden Jantz, Carson Jantz, James Leishman, Annika Mulder, Aaron Schweitzer, Hannah Schweitzer, Jan Swanson, Finn Thoms, and Ilse Uhlmann.

Scholarship recipient for the Daryl and Doreen Smith Scholarship awarded in Junior Piano (12 years and under) is Aaron Schweitzer with Carson Jantz and Jan Swanson runners-up.

Scholarship recipient for the Lillian Dickson Memorial Scholarship awarded in Senior Piano (13 to 18 years) is Hannah Schweitzer with Annika Mulder runner-up.

Instrumental performers included Amy Mulder, Amy Ruegg, and Keegan Claussen.

Scholarship recipient for the Carriere Scholarship awarded in Senior Instrumental (13 to 18 years) is Amy Mulder.